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Born on the coast of Western Australia, Jennifer became a world traveller starting with her first long ocean voyage at the age of five, followed by more long-distance sea voyages that opened her eyes to different cultures. After a twenty-year career as an international fashion model based in New York and Paris that kept her globetrotting too, she now has her main home base in Switzerland. Jennifer completed her Master of Arts in Ancient History, with a focus on Ancient Art.

Painting became a passion, becoming an important part of her life.

After following a pathway that began with a fascination and desire to emulate the Impressionists, Jennifer was soon captivated by Fauvists and their wild love of colour as well as abstract-expressionists who force the inner soul to be exposed.

Wanting to share her enthusiasm with fellow artists and create a space for herself and others to show their work, Jennifer opened an atelier-gallery “Artists of Konstancin”.

Flexible acrylics are her medium of choice, along with the addition of gels and mixed-media which add texture, and create extra impact while allowing freedom of expression – going with the flow and getting in the zone. Primarily self-taught, Jennifer has had the pleasure of working with outstanding teachers in Canada, Poland and Australia who were happy to share their artistic knowledge and who guided her at critical points in her career. Her visual eye is constantly in action, absorbing her surroundings and the impact of light and colour in harmony/disharmony with shapes and forms.

Meet Jennifer: Bio
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